2018 Pay Remaining Balance


Waiver & Release

I hereby give permission for the athletic trainer for Blue Ridge Running to use his/her best judgement in
any situation requiring emergency attention to my son/daughter.
The facilities and physicians of the Rockingham County (VA) Hospital Emergency Room and/or the
nearest Urgent Care may be used for the emergency care of my son/daughter. I also certify that my
son/daughter is physically able to actively participate in all the activities of the camp. All risks attendant
to participating in Blue Ridge Running, including but not limited to bodily injury, are assumed by me,
his/her parent or legal guardian as indicated by the signature hereto.

Likeness Consent

I hereby consent and grant full authorization, permission and right, without compensation to me, to
Blue Ridge Running, Inc. to use any photograph, videotape, motion picture, recording or any other
likeness of the undersigned camper taken while participating in the camp, for training, educational,
demonstrative or promotional purposes including, but not limited to promotional brochures, posters,
advertisements, or other print medium, television, internet or other communications medium.


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